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after hours of farming and farming and FARMING, I finally got it. There werer times where I thoguht i would never get it, but this one lucky night it happened. I actually squealed in glory after seeing it. I'll still play this game as a time killer, because I just don't want to abandon the community.

so if you are trying to get the ultra, do not give up, look for a skull bobbing on the surface, and for gods sake DO NOT PRESS THE R KEY (you can apparently sell it DSmile
good luck, fishermen!
I don't mean to bash it or anything like that, because it's a good motive and all to have something extremely rare like that to spend your time fishing for, but like I said in the game, it's a bit anticlimactic in my opinion, I still think the fire you get from killing Mythic looks better, but I guess it's rarity counts for something, so it may be worth farming when I run out of better (imo) things to do. Despite the fact it is rare, I believe that since it's simply a particle, an item just to show off, it's not really worth it because of the extreme rarity, but then again it's still a good motive for a lot of people. I personally think something else of similar rarity should be introduced, with another motive in addition to rarity added to it, something like a tool or item you could use with special abilities or something because I believe something other than a particle or item mainly for show would be better for luring (puns) people into spending their time attempting to get it.
I just can't care enough about the ultra, and never did much really. It's such a generic item that only has its worth from the overexaggerated rarity.
Banana :v

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