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Fish Server Rework Boss System
The Boss system, which enables or disables boss interaction, always gets to people at the wrong times. I've recently seen someone catch herobrine, but he automatically had bosses off, and couldn't damage the boss for good even if the typed "!bosses on". No one else was on so I had to shamefully kill the boss (more salt the the wound the boss had a very awarding achievement). I know Mythic made it automatically turn bosses off to prevent newcomers getting destroyed by mythic, but it's unfair to any new player as you hardly know about the system at the time, so you miss your great chance. So, how about when you change bosses on, it'll give a timer that's like 3 to 5 minutes long until you can hurt the boss. It'll be more forgiving when a new player gets their first boss that they can kill.
I agree with this idea. A similar thing happened when a newer player caught a boss and a few of the people (myself included) were unable to help out due to the same problem

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