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Global An update for the Community
To everyone apart of Mythic Servers,

I figured it would be fair to give something of an update for everyone. As many have pointed out, there hasn't been as much activity in the community. Mythic, and I, and I'm sure a lot of the other staff wish we could devote more time to the servers, but as it stands, we can't.

A lot of us don't have the free time we used to as it's being taken up by work, school, relationships and just everyday life.
There's also the issue of Garry's Mod itself. The servers don't get nearly as much traffic as they used to keep the community growing, a sign of Garry's Mod itself dying I believe as well. With the reduction in traffic, the community will not be able to afford operations for much longer.

There's been a lot of discussion of possibly finding another game for us to move forward with, something that would sort of breath life into the community again (I.G., with GMod 2 whenever that comes out). Until that time, I hope most of you are willing to hang in there with us. Everyone's devotion towards the community is very much appreciated. If anyone has ideas for community projects, or just want to start discussions on the forums, it's always welcome. Unfortunately, our hands are currently tied with until something better comes along. Just know, we haven't given up on you.
Curdecy of ( ) Garry's mode has been steady around 50-65k users for the past couple years. only the past few days have had really bad drops to 30k~ but that's probably more to do with more recent information being sectioned far more where as older information is averaged more over longer periods of time.

I wouldn't blame the death of Garry's Mod on this as it's overall still a stable player base. An example of a game that is dying is a game that over the past 2 years has had its player-base cut in half such as TF2 ( ) considering about 10% of those players are probably just trade bots idling the game.

Mythic Servers fall isn't due to Garry's Mod as a game, it's simply a loss in interest by the players in what the current servers offer.

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