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[12/31/2016] TORDIS: menu
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: wrist
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: setrank tordis superdonator
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: 3
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: goto tordis
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Fun fact for you
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: The moon has wifi
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: xD
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: And its upload and download speeds are better then mine
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: THE MOON
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: you should come to australia and see how bad our internet is then xD
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: I couldve connected to this server at least 70 faster if I lived in space
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: I
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: rtd
[12/31/2016] TORDIS:
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: rtd
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: When the dice understand you
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: goto tordis
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: rtd
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: rtd
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Someone is connecting again
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: oO
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: No one connects when its just me and some other random loser on
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: The fact that its also 3 am where the servers are located
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: is kinda funny too
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: might be australian xD
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Lets ask them xD
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: If they uh
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Actually spawn in sometime tonight
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Two of them now by the way
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: you can mostly tell by the ping xD
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Well I mean
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Some people just have worlds worst internet anyway
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: waita second
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Whos your provider
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: westneti think
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Ah
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Never heard of
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Oh well
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: yeah i think theyre an aussie one
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: xD
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: I figured it wouldnt be one I knew but I was wondering if by some chance it would be a specific one
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: That i did
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: I THOUGHT THIS WAS AN ENTITY
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz:
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Last I checked
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Why u hurt me lasers
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: yeah well our internet plans are a bit different to your guys ones im pretty sure
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Yeah I would imagine
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: I wont lie I have never researched providers and how far they ranged country to country
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: If at all
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: xD
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: rtd
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: ow
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: rtd
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: So howve you been
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: rtd
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: rtd
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: ive been doing ok
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: rtd
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: rtd
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: UNACCEPTABLE
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: addcash zom 1503
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Im rich now
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: xD
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: rtd
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: rtd
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: I just cant sta
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: nd it anymore
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: rtd
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: rtd
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: xD
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: What the heck is james doing not being on fish
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: I thought he lived here
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: proably asleep
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: xD
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: I dont buy it
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: I think he could be on anyway
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Even if hed be passed out in his chair
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Just
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Sleep fish
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: xD
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: You can continue on with your fishing by the way
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Im just here to say hi anyway
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: P
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: A third player now
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Wonder if theyre all still connecting
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Huh
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Two of them are
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: One gave up
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: they always seem to start joining when you get on xD
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: bring madame
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: You
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Your nose is crooked
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: bring pat
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Youve been here before I see
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Nice glasses
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: haha yes
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: So uh
[12/31/2016] _MadameLia_: hi
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Either of you live in austrailia
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: no us
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: No us
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: OH
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: US
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: usa
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Okay
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: lol
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: america
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: You should really grammar better
[12/31/2016] _MadameLia_: germany
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Well there we go
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Now I know what youre doing up at not 3 in the morning
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Oh
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Its four now
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: rtd
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: RRaiiinbow
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: xD
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Whoa
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: The long lost admin is joining as well
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Should demote him when he gets here
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: lol
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: setrank radek default
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: bring rad
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: xD
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: poor radek
[12/31/2016] Radek: good job zombie
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: xD
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Youre welcome
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: You sure took your time getting on
[12/31/2016] Radek: ZombieCowzz Should demote him when he gets here
[12/31/2016] Radek: is there a backstory to that
[12/31/2016] Radek: or are you just bored
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: is this server useally this dead
[12/31/2016] Radek: ye
[12/31/2016] Radek: mostly
[12/31/2016] TORDIS: yep
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Youre dead
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: used to be very popular
[12/31/2016] Radek: when did you become super admin btw
[12/31/2016] Radek: a while ago
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: You
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Havent noticed
[12/31/2016] Radek: I did
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: GET YOUR BUTT ON HERE MORE
[12/31/2016] Radek: I just dont remember when it happened
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: GOT A NEW MOUSE TOO
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: setrank rad admin
[12/31/2016] Radek: uh i think i noticed something
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: I
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: GOTTOA GO
[12/31/2016] TORDIS:
[12/31/2016] Radek: i am not sure but i think my run speed got slightly faster now that i got promoted again
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: do you apply for admin or do you buy it
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: Apply
[12/31/2016] Radek: buying admin
[12/31/2016] Radek: rofl
[12/31/2016] Radek: only dumbass communities allow you to buy admin
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: U got this
[12/31/2016] ZombieCowzz: night
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: haha yes every server that allows you to buy admin are run by kids
[12/31/2016] Radek: ill spend most of my time on meta construct today
[12/31/2016] Radek: gonna disconnect for a little bit
[12/31/2016] Radek: or maybe for a bit longer
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: stu
[12/31/2016] _MadameLia_: wtf 3
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: crap
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: where is it
[12/31/2016] _MadameLia_: i dont understand this game
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: you just fish pretty much
[12/31/2016] _MadameLia_: hm its doesnt work
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: spawn your fishing pole
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: on land
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: its dropping in the water
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: now buy bait
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: the first one thats free
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: you need to hold it
[12/31/2016] _MadameLia_: im a not good girl
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: now buy bait
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: you need bait
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: sheet
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: press e on it
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: rtd
[12/31/2016] _MadameLia_: i go bye
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: thirdperson
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: fristperson
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: firstperson
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: RTD
[12/31/2016] Patrick Bateman: rtd
[12/31/2016] bartekwalicki: o jeste
[12/31/2016] Znicz Dla Harambe: jak wdk zrobi
[12/31/2016] bartekwalicki: pod Q
[12/31/2016] bartekwalicki: ho gdzie indziej
[12/31/2016] Znicz Dla Harambe: a przynta gdzie
[12/31/2016] bartekwalicki: oto problem niema
[12/31/2016] bartekwalicki: ej
[12/31/2016] Znicz Dla Harambe: no
[12/31/2016] bartekwalicki: ho do 2
[12/31/2016] Znicz Dla Harambe: ojk
[12/31/2016] bartekwalicki: albo 3