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[12/31/2015] TheMankestDeme: i was so confident i just went to the bathroom
[12/31/2015] JackThaWhack: how do u pick things up and thro them
[12/31/2015] zombieparish: e
[12/31/2015] JackThaWhack: thanks
[12/31/2015] CookieCrisp: Woot
[12/31/2015] Geton: thats a nice gun you have
[12/31/2015] Geton: well
[12/31/2015] lodiday: hahahaha
[12/31/2015] CookieCrisp: SHE WAS RIGHT THERE XD
[12/31/2015] Team Only CookieCrisp: Are you kidding me
[12/31/2015] Geton: ill give you a hint im on the street
[12/31/2015] CookieCrisp: XD
[12/31/2015] CookieCrisp: Too spoopy for me
[12/31/2015] CookieCrisp: Dang
[12/31/2015] lodiday: the green things exlode
[12/31/2015] Geton: Still think im a box XD
[12/31/2015] Geton: Tottally not in the streets
[12/31/2015] CookieCrisp: Duuuude you lasted forevor XD
[12/31/2015] Geton: I got no idea of what i just did
[12/31/2015] CookieCrisp: Ay
[12/31/2015] CookieCrisp: OO
[12/31/2015] Geton: WTF
[12/31/2015] CookieCrisp: GG CF
[12/31/2015] CookieCrisp: XD
[12/31/2015] Geton: Best hiding spot EVER
[12/31/2015] Sy1vâ„¢: omg
[12/31/2015] Team Only Sy1vâ„¢: omg lol
[12/31/2015] Team Only Sy1vâ„¢: amazing
[12/31/2015] Team Only Sy1vâ„¢: gg
[12/31/2015] Sy1vâ„¢: D
[12/31/2015] Team Only Sy1vâ„¢: D
[12/31/2015] Geton: oh this is going to be a long game XD
[12/31/2015] Team Only Sy1vâ„¢: hahaha
[12/31/2015] Geton: Well only one man left
[12/31/2015] Geton: Im never touching a box of nitro EVER AGAIN
[12/31/2015] dmcghan: any one here
[12/31/2015] QIG Scout: Hiii
[12/31/2015] QIG Scout: BGFNGTRHR
[12/31/2015] QIG Scout: WHATS UPPPPPP
[12/31/2015] QIG Scout: YEAH MAN
[12/31/2015] QIG Scout: HA HE DOES NOT KNOW
[12/31/2015] Team Only mattgiani456: lel
[12/31/2015] pigman1013: how do i taunt
[12/31/2015] QIG Scout: PRESS F4
[12/31/2015] BrysonJKeller: Is the owner on
[12/31/2015] Pikachu: Errr
[12/31/2015] QIG Scout: OH YEAH
[12/31/2015] Herplooza: THANKS DUDE
[12/31/2015] QIG Scout: HI
[12/31/2015] BrysonJKeller: Did you find him
[12/31/2015] Team Only Pikachu: OMG
[12/31/2015] Team Only Pikachu: HOW
[12/31/2015] Team Only Pikachu: He shot me 2 times
[12/31/2015] Team Only Pikachu: And just left
[12/31/2015] BrysonJKeller: RTD
[12/31/2015] BrysonJKeller: I WILL WIn
[12/31/2015] BrysonJKeller: Cheese
[12/31/2015] BrysonJKeller: GG
[12/31/2015] Team Only LapisTM: HC67UO9IP LO
[12/31/2015] LapisTM: FRT5EDERW4F
[12/31/2015] Team Only Pikachu: Lapis spectate me
[12/31/2015] Team Only Pikachu: im on the roof
[12/31/2015] Team Only Pikachu: Gold
[12/31/2015] Pikachu: Spectate me
[12/31/2015] Team Only Pikachu: Im on the rooooof
[12/31/2015] renskiwillis: lol
[12/31/2015] BrysonJKeller: noclip
[12/31/2015] Pikachu: Barely is still in the map dumbass
[12/31/2015] renskiwillis: geez
[12/31/2015] Pikachu: No he calls people the N word whenever he can
[12/31/2015] Pikachu: Its so bad
[12/31/2015] Team Only Pikachu: Spectate me
[12/31/2015] Team Only Pikachu: nv
[12/31/2015] Team Only Pikachu: nobody is dead
[12/31/2015] obeastt99: give me one hint
[12/31/2015] obeastt99: give me a hint
[12/31/2015] NemesiN: this version of prop hint is retarded
[12/31/2015] Team Only ScarryLarry: wtf
[12/31/2015] Team Only ScarryLarry: how do i becime something
[12/31/2015] Team Only ScarryLarry: how do i become prop
[12/31/2015] Team Only Doge: left click or right i forgot
[12/31/2015] Team Only ScarryLarry: right thanx
[12/31/2015] renskiwillis: oh gosh that was close
[12/31/2015] Enano5640: EWREW
[12/31/2015] XAuthorized CrayolaX: rtd
[12/31/2015] Team Only ScarryLarry: he is a table XD
[12/31/2015] XAuthorized CrayolaX: ooooooooo
[12/31/2015] Team Only ScarryLarry: dAYUMMMMMMMM
[12/31/2015] Team Only ScarryLarry: lmao cups XP
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: you are facingf the wrong way
[12/31/2015] Chaya2: xD RIP
[12/31/2015] LightningShepard: inside
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: inside
[12/31/2015] Team Only Worse Than Lag: Hes a chair insid
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: he was just a chair
[12/31/2015] Team Only Worse Than Lag: i think hes the one in the kitchen
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: the chair inside the kitchen
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: the wooden chair
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: he just changed
[12/31/2015] Team Only CubanGamer: he is in the middle of the tables
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: the 3 chairs
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: those
[12/31/2015] Team Only Worse Than Lag: those 3 are prolly him
[12/31/2015] Team Only CubanGamer: chair side ways
[12/31/2015] Team Only Worse Than Lag: one of them
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: the ones on the floor xD
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: in the middle xD
[12/31/2015] Team Only Worse Than Lag: hes one of the 3 in the middle
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: the middle 3
[12/31/2015] Team Only CubanGamer: he is on the floor
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: no dude
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: there
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: ther
[12/31/2015] Team Only LightningShepard: man
[12/31/2015] Team Only Worse Than Lag: JUST SHOOT THE 3 IN THE MIDDLE
[12/31/2015] PropGiveAwayer: They in the wata
[12/31/2015] Worse Than Lag: rtd
[12/31/2015] britishbanana1: how do i go in third person
[12/31/2015] yamimash908: hi
[12/31/2015] yamimash908: it took me so long to load this server
[12/31/2015] yamimash908: hint are you up or down
[12/31/2015] Ishevchik: ты русский
[12/31/2015] yamimash908: do you know how to get a better view
[12/31/2015] yamimash908: WOW
[12/31/2015] yamimash908: there was 2
[12/31/2015] Team Only Ishevchik: кто русский
[12/31/2015] Ya Boii Drew: fuck me daddy
[12/31/2015] mindlesssnow: hes a box
[12/31/2015] zombiegarett1202: who has waw
[12/31/2015] xXx YolO xXx: hi
[12/31/2015] xXx YolO xXx: ez
[12/31/2015] xXx YolO xXx: really
[12/31/2015] xXx YolO xXx: wtf
[12/31/2015] xXx YolO xXx: wtf
[12/31/2015] xXx YolO xXx: you kill me
[12/31/2015] Dr Isaac Grey: what exactly does this static meter mean
[12/31/2015] Sly Cooper: that was fucking awsome
[12/31/2015] Sly Cooper: y
[12/31/2015] gm4cayden: hi
[12/31/2015] forjuly: lol
[12/31/2015] á…šá…šá…šá…šá…šá…šá…š: menu
[12/31/2015] á…šá…šá…šá…šá…šá…šá…š: menu
[12/31/2015] NeonPenisEvansJellySon: votekick MasterChief117
[12/31/2015] jack6orlowski: is anyone in this server
[12/31/2015] MasterChief117: rando cN U plz leave
[12/31/2015] MasterChief117: votekick
[12/31/2015] greentravis11: where are the hunters
[12/31/2015] Team Only greentravis11: where are the hunters
[12/31/2015] greentravis11: i see a hunter
[12/31/2015] greentravis11: why
[12/31/2015] Team Only greentravis11: why arent i in game
[12/31/2015] Really Hated Silver: Im guessing the whole red name thing doesnt work in this server
[12/31/2015] greentravis11: hes the plant
[12/31/2015] Team Only Really Hated Silver: Im guessing the red name thing doesnt work in this server
[12/31/2015] Team Only Really Hated Silver: How XD
[12/31/2015] Team Only Really Hated Silver: Cash what do you think
[12/31/2015] Really Hated Silver: Did I pick a lively server or what XD
[12/31/2015] Really Hated Silver: The hell is the yellow cracker
[12/31/2015] Really Hated Silver: And I fucked myself Xd
[12/31/2015] Team Only Really Hated Silver: And I fucked myself
[12/31/2015] tacosrbetertnu: hi
[12/31/2015] MasterChief117: rtd
[12/31/2015] tacosrbetertnu: LOOK OUT
[12/31/2015] Team Only Scylla: eddy
[12/31/2015] Team Only Scylla: r u the book
[12/31/2015] Team Only Scylla: or the box
[12/31/2015] von132: ui
[12/31/2015] Churro: how to mute
[12/31/2015] Team Only Churro: how to mute
[12/31/2015] Team Only Churro: mute
[12/31/2015] Team Only Churro: global off
[12/31/2015] Team Only Churro: global on
[12/31/2015] Team Only Churro: global off
[12/31/2015] Scylla: i muted this annoying fuck and i can hear him throuh yurgens mic
[12/31/2015] Team Only Scylla: hes a car outside on the road
[12/31/2015] slayer: THERE YOUR MOM AND DAD
[12/31/2015] slayer: well i just got out of the map gg
[12/31/2015] TacticalTrav: music
[12/31/2015] Archangel ಠಠ: music
[12/31/2015] jaydenwoodie:
[12/31/2015] BatDragon: OO
[12/31/2015] BatDragon: y
[12/31/2015] Retard Chicken: meme hole
[12/31/2015] Retard Chicken: fig neuton
[12/30/2016] Team Only potato: rtd
[12/30/2016] Lego Shark: rtd
[12/30/2016] Lego Shark: WTF
[12/30/2016] BrainyAxe: advert Oops rip in the quantum intanglment Raid Over
[12/30/2016] Lego Shark: me salute
[12/30/2016] Lego Shark: me salute
[12/30/2016] BrainyAxe: me salute
[12/30/2016] Lego Shark: advert all your base are belong to usraid
[12/30/2016] BrainyAxe: advert Cant see me cause im a quark Raid
[12/30/2016] BrainyAxe: advert This is the police please pull over Police pullover
[12/30/2016] BrainyAxe: advert There is a criminal on the loose we will be checking houses
[12/30/2016] BrainyAxe: advert dont forget to use 911